Seeding Event

Emma – Espoo Museum of Modern Art & Exhibition Centre WeeGee
Espoo, Finland
28.08. — 29.08.2020

The first seedling events in Espoo were organized together with Emma-Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Exhibition Centre WeeGee and the City of Espoo as part of the annual Espoo Day celebrations. The city of Espoo donated the seedlings for the event.

2200 seedlings were distributed to the people of Espoo on Espoo Day. The City of Espoo also provided recommendations and spaces for tree planting in Karhusaari, Pisanniitty, Sepontie and in Maininki School. The city’s tree department was present at the event and provided assistance and tree planting advice for people. EMMA and exhibition centre WeeGee are also taking continuous steps toward's sustainability in order to make the exhibition centre permanently adopts environmentally friendly practices.

Photos: Paula Virta / EMMA
Illustrations: Sanna Pelliccioni

Seeding events