Seeding Event

Riihisaari Museum and Luonto-Saimaa
Savonlinna, Finland

To celebrate Finland’s official tree planting day a seedlings event and a tree seminar were organized together with Riihisaari-Savonlinna  Museum and the Lake Saimaa Nature Centre in Savonlinna. Riihisaari-Savonlinna Museum is part of the historical site of Olavinlinna Castle at the intersection of urban and natural environments and is surrounded by Lake Saimaa.

Riihisaari beautifully brings together nature, art, and community with rich layers of history and island culture. The city of Savonlinna’s tree-department provided locations for and assistance with planting. A tree seminar was organized after the seedlings event. The guest included: Tiina Piilola, Janne Korhonen, Petteri Vanninen and Marko Röhr.

Main image: Jukka Paakkinen
Illustrations: Sanna Pelliccioni

Seeding events